Let’s Get Physical: How to Get Your Creative Work Seen with Print

By mustapha zerouali on Apr 11, 2022

We asked our friends at Newspaper Club to share some of the most inspiring newspapers their customers are using to showcase creative work. From a pattern designer’s portfolio to a playful project from Mailchimp’s design team, the 8 examples below show you how to put your best foot forward in print.

When much of what you create is experienced on a screen, getting to share your work in print is a rare thrill. It’s also a chance to cut through the digital noise and stand a real chance at connecting with potential clients.

At Newspaper Club we help creative people around the world — from photographers to typographers to illustrators — get their work into the right hands with their very own newspapers. Newspapers that clients are excited to flip through and want to hang onto (and in some cases, display in their office!)

Want to see what you can make? Get free samples from Newspaper Club.


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